“Integrity of Communication” today has become a critical element of communication strategies adopted by businesses across the globe.

Advertising and branding create ‘aspiration-led’ communication. In the future, right communication will become a key differentiator for companies wanting to create intangible value such as goodwill and reputation along with long-term sustainability.

Regulators across the globe are striving to ensure communication that is fair, true and arms length. With questions being raised over the authenticity of reporting data and figures from auditors and credit rating agencies, the next big question will be pointed at IR/PR firms.

While creating the most exquisite financial reports, fancy annual reports, eye-catching CSR reports and websites with smart investor sections, business writing faces the next big challenge of integrity. Every IR company now has to decide its allegiance – creating communication that is flowery, exaggerated and misleading or communication that is to the point, truthful and yet effective.

Integrity and ability to communicate honestly will play an important role in building the reputation capital of companies, in good as well as bad times.

For the corporate world, honest communication will result in good reputation; significantly lower the cost of capital, cost of acquiring talent and even the cost of getting into business partnerships. Maintaining integrity of communication will have to be a key boardroom strategy to survive these tough times.

At Bridge IR, we make sure that the correct and true picture of the company is communicated, giving a fresh independent perspective to stakeholder community. We deliver solutions to boardroom concerns – critical issues that business leaders are facing in terms of strategy, management integrity, thought leadership and market perception.

One of our key strengths is our rich understanding of the global and domestic investor community (institutional as well as retail) which probes much deeper than merely tackling communication challenges faced at the surface level. We focus on understanding the investor pulse and create right communication which help companies re-position themselves as a thought –leader in their area of business, attract growth capital from investor communities (PE/VC) and reach out to a larger audience.